Water Soluble Bags, Water Soluble Strip Laundry Bags

Water Soluble Bags

Water-soluble PVA film (PVOH Film) is a green environmental friendly material made from PVA resin. It is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic in nature; therefore, it is widely used in packaging and preferred over other packaging material such as PVDC and ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer. In today's scenario, PAV film is extensively used in eco-friendly packaging of detergents, chemicals, industrial components, agriculture products etc. In addition, it is also used in producing water soluble laundry bags for hospital use.


  • Embroidery films
  • Hospital laundry bags
  • Seeds packaging
  • Detergent and chemical packaging
  • Concrete additive packing
  • Food packaging

Advantages of water-soluble films

  • Total solubility in water
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Non- Toxic and anti-static
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light
  • Resistant to gases, oils and grease

Water Soluble Bags

Lithey Inc. is the India's largest manufacturer and offers both cold water and hot water soluble bags. These dissolvable bags are widely used for laundry in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and prisons etc. These laundry bags are available with custom sizes, color and choice of printing options.

Cold Water Soluble Bags

Our cold water soluble bags completely dissolve at 25C temperature, while ensuring environ friendly and hygienic solution. These bags are perfect for washing bed bug infested clothing; simple to use in washing machine and leave no residue behind, these cold water soluble bags are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes and clinics.

Standard Dimensions
Model No. Dimensions Notes
CWSB1230 12” x 30" With red and blue tie tapes
CWSB2033 20" x 33" With red and blue tie tapes
CWSB2839 28" x 39" Laundry Bags Orange Color
CWSB6060 60" x 60" Large Water Soluble Sling Bag, Orange color 

Hot Water Soluble Bags

These hot water soluble bags are extensively used in hospitals in order to minimize contact between staff and contaminated laundry. These bags completely dissolve in water at 40C to 50C or 65C temperature. Available in red, yellow and clear colors, these bags are available with natural tie tape and with or without biohazard logo.

Standard Dimensions
Model No. Dimensions Notes
HWSB1230 12” x 30" With red and blue tie tapes
HWSB2033 20" x 33" With red and blue tie tapes
HWSB2839 28" x 39" Extra Hot Laundry Bags, ORANGE Color
HWSB6060 60" x 60" Large Water Soluble Sling Bag, ORANGE Color 

Water Soluble Strip Laundry Bags

Made from PE (LD or HD) water soluble strip bags are extensively utilized in hospitals for safe transportation of contaminated laundry from one place to washing machines. These bags are made with soluble strips that dissolve during washing, after completion PE bags are removed and further disposed off or recycled. We also manufacture water soluble strip laundry bags meeting your specific requirements for color, print and size.

Standard Dimensions
Model No. Dimensions Thickness Gusset Material Color
WSSB1211 720mm x 990mm 30 500mm LDPE Red
WSSB1212 660mm x 840mm 25 - HDPE Red
WSSB1213 711mm x 965mm 25 457mm HDPE Yellow