Our products

Biohazard Waste Bags

Lithey Inc. manufactures and supplies widest range of clinical waste bags and environment friendly garbage bags; readymade and customized sizes as required!

Autoclave Bags / Biohazard Disposal Bags

Autoclaving or sterilization is the safe solution to the dangerous process of disposing of biohazardous and non-biohazardous wastes. We produce autoclave bags, sterilization reels and pouches that can bear high sterilization temperature. Customized size, color and printing are our specialties.

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Cytotoxic Bags

Especially designed for safe collection and disposal of cytotoxic waste and associated materials; available in purple color, these bags are clearly labeled CYTOTOXIC WASTE'. Made from high impact Linear Low Density Polyethylene resins these cytotoxic waste bags are durable and chemically resistant.

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Chemotherapy Waste Bags

These are yellow biohazard bags, made from LLDPE feature tear and puncture proof construction; ideal for safe collection of soft chemotherapy wastes and associated materials before disposal. These chemo waste bags can be sterilized and available with capacities to hold 2 to 33 gallons of waste or more.

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Biodegradable Bags

We design, manufacture and supply 100% biodegradable plastic bags that can be disposed naturally, safe for environment and degrade with-in months. We manufacture biodegradable bags for garbage collection, shopping and packaging needs. Customized designing, size and printing are our specialties.

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Water Soluble Bags

Water soluble films and bags are extensively used in hospital laundry, hotels, and many other industrial applications. We manufacture both hot and cold water soluble plastic bags using PVOH Film, which is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic in nature.

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