Cytotoxic Waste Bags

Purple Cytotoxic Waste Bags

Chemical resistant bags for safe Cytotoxic waste disposal

Cytotoxic waste is generated during cytotoxic drug therapy such (as chemotherapy). The Ability of cytotoxic drugs is to kill cells, so vital to cancer treatment and creates adverse health risk to handlers, who handle them during course of work. Therefore, it is medically advised that segregation of cytotoxic and cytostatic waste from other clinical and non-clinical waste streams is mandatory in order to reduce the possibility of ill effects.

Features & Advantages

  • Labelled as containing Cytotoxic waste
  • Available for standard bin sizes
  • Customized size and private labeling
  • Can store hazardous substances
  • Safe disposal of radioactive waste
  • Printing in English & any International language

Cytotoxic bags play a crucial role in collection and disposal of cytotoxic drugs and administration equipment including needles, disposable syringes, drip sets etc. as well as all gowns, eyewear and body fluids / waste from patients. These bags are specially designed purple colored plastic bags clearly labeled with cytotoxic telophase symbol.