Custosm Capabilities

Custom Capabilities

Our engineering & design approach allow us to serve our customers with custom and additional services

Like a genuine plastic bag manufacturer we understand the needs of customization. We do have resources, experiences and latest technologies that make our company capable to produce custom plastic bags (plain and printed) that meet specific requirements of our customers. Our in-house manufacturing facility includes blow film extrusion, bags production (cutting and sealing) and printing. We welcome you to discuss your custom requirements with our technical team, which offers guarantee to find the best solution of your needs.

With our own product testing and quality control labs, we provide commitment to deliver orders at given time; therefore, we emphasize the importance of details and pre-planning so the process is smooth. Whether, you are a new customer or regular, we consider every order important and promise timely delivery every time.

Any Size * Any Color * Any Packing


  • Up to 4 colors printing
  • Private labeling or personalized logo
  • Design & artwork service
  • LDPE / HDPE / Biodegradable LDPE plastic
  • Multilayer/co-extrusion technology
  • Custom resin blends and colors
  • Form-fill-seal applications

Our in-house manufacturing includes blown film Extrusion, Bag making and Flexographic printing.

Blown Film Extrusion

Lithey Inc. has the most modern polyurethane film manufacturing facilities in India. By having own extrusion department, we can extrude and convert from both virgin and reprocessed polythene. Our blown film systems are technology advanced, efficient and reliable, constantly provide quality and flexibility our customers demand. By producing own poly films, we ensure total process control and eliminate dependency on outside suppliers; furthermore, this makes us capable to produce plastic bags for variety of applications such as: trash bags, industrial packaging and shopping bags etc.

Graphics & Printing

Our full service in-house graphics and printing team allows our customers to take advantage of logo designing, private labeling and custom printing. We have knowledgeable and experienced graphic designing team, which beautifies your imagination with latest graphics software.

Our printing department equipped with latest printing machines and experienced printing staff, offering our customers state-of-the-art printing technology. Our shopping bags are famous for high resolution printing putting dynamic impact and end user appeal.

Quality Control

Our global customer base relies on us for strict quality control policy, ensuring delivery of superior products that surpass our industry competitors. Attention to every detail and commitment to product quality is reflected at Lithey Inc. We have upgraded our manufacturing unit with new R&D department and product testing laboratory, combined with rigorous in-process and post-production quality-control testing ensures strict adherence to customer specifications and standards, batch after batch, roll after roll.

Warehouse / Storage

Large quantity order, no doubt ensures best price; therefore, we are now offering storage facility in order to supply the material on demand. Our warehouse is capable to safely store finished bags in larger quantities, from where they are released in a matter of days as required.

Looking for Branded Plastic Bags at low price?

If you are looking to buy branded plastic bags, we will manufacture the same bag for you with exact material, size and design and of course at very competitive price. All you need to provide us a sample for study.

Minimum Order Quantity

Lithey Inc. is the only Indian company, which delivers custom plastic bags with lower minimum order quantity (MOQ) than most of the plastic bags manufacturers worldwide. MOQ of any product is determined by various factors; therefore, it is best to contact our sales team and discuss how Lithey Inc. can deliver required custom solutions. We also entertain small quantity order for trialing purposes.