Chemotherapy Waste Bags

Chemotherapy Waste Bags

Yellow biohazard bags for clinical chemotherapy waste collection

Most of chemotherapeutic materials used in chemotherapy process are hazardous waste when disposed; according to EPA regulations, these wastes must be managed according to specific standards. For both sharp and non-sharp wastes, there are different handing processes. At Lithey Inc., we manufacture clinical waste bags for collection of non-sharp chemotherapy wastes, ensuring proper handling, storage and disposal of wastes in accordance.

Lithey Inc. manufactures and supplies yellow chemotherapy waste bags in different sizes. These bags are labeled for picking up and collecting non-sharp chemotherapy waste temporarily before transferring to approved containers or bins. In addition to standard sizes, we also manufacture custom designed bags with facility of private labeling.

Features & Advantages

  • For chemo specimen transport and waste disposal
  • Twist tie or zipper enclosure with pouch
  • Customized size and private labeling
  • Can be sterilized (autoclaved)
  • Capacity to hold 2 to 33 gallon
  • Printing in English & any International language

Standard Sizes

Item Code Dimensions
LTH/CH/1215 12 x 15
LTH/CH/2013 20 x 13
LTH/CH/2433 24 x 33
LTH/CH/2534 25 x 34
LTH/CH/3138 31 x 38
LTH/CH/3043 30 x 43
LTH/CH/3141 31 x 41