Biohazard Waste Bags

Autoclave Bags - Biohazard Bags

Biohazard autoclavable plastic bags and self seal sterilization pouches with writable panel & sterilization indicator; meet strength requirements in ASTM D1709-85 Dart Drop test.

Biohazardous Wastes

Generated from biological source, infectious or biohazardous waste poses serious health risks to environment, humans and animals. Body parts, tissues, blood and body fluids and sharp wastes are examples of such biohazard waste materials that can be harmful to both environment and human health if disposed off without proper sterilization. In order to prevent their adverse effects, these wastes must be sterilized in autoclave before final disposal and biohazard bag is an important part of this process. Wastes are kept in biohazard bags and put in autoclave machine.

Autoclavable Biohazard Bags

Depending upon type of waste, biohazard wastes are collected in red, orange, yellow and clear plastic bags for further disposal process; these bags are called Autoclavable Biohazard bags. A good biohazard bag also called autoclave bag must have following features:

- Tear and burst proof under normal working conditions
- Qualify ASTMD1709-85 165 gram dart test
- Imprinted with biohazard symbol and word "Biohazard"
- Maximum temperature 141C (285F)
- Made of HDPE and LDPE plastics

How to Use Autoclave Bags

There are certain instructions that must follow while using autoclave bags. An autoclave bag is almost filled 2 / 3 of the total volume and closed loosely in order to provide smooth steam penetration. Apply sterilization indicator tape on it to verify if the sterilizer temperature has reached 121C. Always lift the bag from the top. It is advised to put autoclave bag in a plastic or stainless steel pan inside the sterilizer to collect any liquid that may drain out during autoclaving process. Sharp objects are avoided because they may puncture bags.

Customized Autoclave Bags

Lithey Inc. manufactures and supplies autoclave bags for processing medical waste before disposal and self seal sterilization pouches for surgical instruments and utensils. Each bag is designed to meet or exceed the ASTM D1709-85 Dart Drop test. These bags are resistant to puncture, leaks and tears and do not melt even facing 285F / 141C high temperature. Our in-stock autoclave bags feature extraordinary mechanical properties and perfectly fit for all standard sized medical grade sterilizers. Sterilization indicator tape is supplied on request, which turns its color indicating the completion of sterilization process. Please fill the contact box with your query, we assure you of immediate response and product supply at reasonable price.

Features & Advantages

  • Made from Autoclavable Plastic
  • Designed with Sterilization Indicator
  • High temperature resistant
  • Red, Yellow and Clear (transparent) colors
  • Can withstand 121C, 135C and 141C
  • Twist tie or self sealing
  • Biohazard logo

Standard Sizes

Item Code Sizes (Inches) Item Code Sizes (Inches)
LTH/AB/0812 8 x 12 LTH/AB/2432 24 x 32
LTH/AB/1015 10 x 15 LTH/AB/2430 24 x 30
LTH/AB/1218 12 x 18 LTH/AB/2436 24 x 36
LTH/AB/1224 12 x 24 LTH/AB/2535 25 x 35
LTH/AB/1225 12 x 25 LTH/AB/2837 28 x 37
LTH/AB/1624 16 x 24 LTH/AB/3034 30 x 34
LTH/AB/1924 19 x 24 LTH/AB/3138 31 x 38
LTH/AB/2014 20 x 14 LTH/AB/3420 34 x 20
LTH/AB/3638 36 x 38 LTH/AB/3848 38 x 48

Seal Type

Star Seal
Flat Seal
Gusset Seal

Custom / Additional Service

Lithey Inc. is leading autoclave bags manufacturer in India and offers full service custom designing and manufacturing facilities for its customers. In order to meet specific requirements, we can produce and supply autoclave bags and sterilization pouches with any thickness, size and color required. These bags are sold all over India and overseas market at wholesale price, while competing in performance with international brands. In addition, we also offer OEM services at reasonable price.

Color: Red, Green, Yellow and clear Translucent Size: Any size from small, medium, large to extra large

Design: choice of logo and banner

Closer: twist tie and self seal

Accessories: Sterilization indicator tape, write on panel